Active Minerals expands production capacity

Active Minerals International (AMI), the world’s largest supplier of high-quality gellant attapulgite for the coatings, adhesives, sealants, and other industries, has announced the company is undertaking process improvements designed to expand capacity. The initiatives, according to president, Dennis C. Parker, are aligned with increasing demand in AMI’s major markets and new developments in international coatings markets.

Min-U Gel thixotropic thickener and suspending agents are produced in a unique manner that makes Active Minerals International’s gelling grade products 10% purer than competing grades of gelling clays. Through a robust ISO 9001 registered Quality Management System and a dynamic continual improvement culture AMI has a well-proven track record of consistent quality and customer satisfaction.

“Paint and coatings manufacturers prefer Min-U-Gel products for their ease of use, consistent quality, and superior economy,” said Carr. “They function well as drop-in replacements to competitive products or as partial replacements to other, higher-cost rheology modifiers, like cellulosic fibers.”

Active Minerals lists Min-U-Gel product performance benefits as:

  • superior flow and leveling
  • syneresis control
  • thixotropic thickening with no loss of recovery (fade) under repeated or prolonged shear
  • reduced floating and flooding of organic pigments

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