Colour trends for Spring Summer 2019 from Sandream Impact include new additions to the Majestic product series reflecting the trend towards bold colour statements


Influenced by this new movement of uplifting empowerment, Stand Tall represents bold colours that standout amongst a world of blends. The primary and secondary colours within this Spring Summer palette ensures simplicity while rising above its followers. The hues chosen characterise strength, passion, happiness, warmth, loyalty, power, purity, wealth and stability. To cover all of colour cosmetics, our existing Majestic Series as well as new offerings in this area are used to signify the visualisation of true colour and tone. Majestic Dragonfruit, Majestic Carrot and Majestic Mango deliver red, yellow and orange tones. Fiesta Powder Lime, Majestic Plum and Majestic Velvet Blueberry work to mirror the purple, blue and green shades. Lastly, Majestic Blackberry and Majestic Coconut are the black and white inspirations that complete this colour wheel.


In this time more than ever, we seek protection and comfort both politically and socially. Whether in fiction or reality, heroes played on screen as seen in the array of superhero sequels this season can relate to how we see, feel and absorb colour. Through perfectly timed coincidence, the newest additions to our Marvel Collection deliver exceptional coverage and versatility in all markup platforms. The colour effect as well as laydown of these materials give way to new age charm. Marvel Antique Gold envisioned as a hair mascara or chrome lip lipstick. Marvel Antique Green creating a blanked of colour in a cream eyeshadow or pen or bold lip gloss. Marvel Antique Blue highlighted streaks on the hair while laying softly on top of eye lids. Marvel Antique Purple imagined as a mysterious eye creme while Marvel Antique Violet plays sultry in a gloss lip base. Our Marvel Maroon delivers intensity and femininity in a full coverage lipstick to complete this palette.


Soft Lines brings unity in creating a platform comprised of delicate, pale, soft water colours. This trend trails behind the perception that fashion, experience and art is a form of movement in which colour is the narrator. Impressionistic in its state, the effects of blended shades have no definitive shapes but when applied in a palette, creating a picturesque canvas. We've paired our new Sachet MV Blue, Pink and Green pearls to resemble this technique in a pressed powder with added larger pigments Diamond Star Blue, Violet and Green that reflect light. Our Sachet Caribbean Blue and SynMira Sleek combined creates a soft hued cream eye shadow stick. Pee-a-boo in appearance, the Sachet MV Red, Gold and Green have muted mass tones with colour interference effects from behind in a lip gloss and face highlighter formula. For body attention, a gel-based body glitter is incorporated with Mystic Periwinkle, Optique Pearl Copper and Confetti White.

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