Metaflake lanch new silver dollar for UV Inks

Metaflake is pleased to announce the availability of 2 new silver dollar products developed specifically for use in UV curable Inks and Coatings.

Meta-Brite UV1000-TDA   (Flexo/Screen inks and Coatings)
Meta-Brite UV 500-TDA    (Flexo/Offset inks)

These are Silver Dollar Aluminium Pigment pastes at 80% pigment content in a UV compatible carrier to allow you to formulate your own stable UV Printing Inks with a considerable potential for cost saving.

Both of these products are NON-LEAFING Aluminium grades that give the added advantages of Improved Adhesion/Rub Resistance and the possibility to create Polychromatic (coloured) effects.

Shelf Stability is one of the major challenges with UV formulations and our Meta-Brite UV pastes have guaranteed shelf life of 6 months. A carefully formulated UV ink should also be stable for 6 months.

Contact Wilfrid Smith today for further details or to request samples.

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