Pantone's Colour of the Year 2018 - Ultra Violet

As the stars align, Sandream Impact are inspired by the announcement of Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year, Ultra Violet. We’ve creatively showcased our collection of pearl pigments which reflect this blue-purple hue.

Our lip gloss formula utilises Fiesta Sharp Violet paired with Smokey Vintage Black producing a gorgeous violet shade on lips, otherwise difficult to achieve for this area of the face since most pigments in this colour range contain ferric ferrocyanide. Our saturated lipstick formula features Glamour Flashy Purple and GlassMira GRV88, both glass based pearls, creating an icy, shimmering purple hue perfect for this time of year. Glamour Flashy Purple contains Red 28 which is allowed on lips and cheeks, not eyes, however the GlassMira GRV88 is acceptable all over the face and adds a brilliant frosty color travel effect to lipstick. The eye shadow pen incorporates Fantasy Purple which generates an intense background with kaleidoscope flecks. The crème eye shadow colour wheel presents 6 pearls (Glamour Classic B-V, SynMira Blue GRV, SynMIra Blue GVB, Smokey Glimmering Sunset Purple, Fiesta Royal Plum and Mystic Sunset Purple), all which are exclusively allowed on the eyes due to the ferric ferrocyanide.

Contact Wilfrid Smith today for further details or to request samples.

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