Sandream Impact Introduces LIPS & TIPS

Happy February!  Sandream would like to introduce this month’s newsletter, “Lips and Tips”.  We are featuring some of our prettiest red and rosy toned pearls that are fitting for Valentine’s Day.  The pearls highlighted translate superbly on lips and nails for that coordinating look, hence the name “Lips and Tips”.

The lip gloss formula utilises SynMira Ice ROY926 paired with Glamour Classic Hot Pink producing a flirty and fun light pink shade with shimmering frost.

The lip tint product features Majestic Watermelon, one of the intense mica based pearls with a more matt finish.

The matt lipstick formulation highlights one of the newer pearls, Fiesta Velvet Cabernet, which provides superior coverage and feel due to its 1-10µm particle size.

One of the popular Duo-Chrome glass pearls, Glamour CF P-B, is carmine free and provides the lip glaze formula with tremendous colour flipping attributes in a violet tone.

Contact Wilfrid Smith today for further details or to request samples.

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