Sandream Impact's Colour Trends Fall Winter 2018-2019

Fall into the season with shades that comfort and colours that engulf warmth. These hues take us to a place of unspoken beauty, while providing dual function to formulations that will mask and diffuse. We've paired our Optique Satin Gold, Violet, Green and Red into palettes that are sultry and creamy. For the eyes, Majestic Velvet Blueberry, Mystic Sunset Purple, Smokey Vintage Blue, Smokey Vintage Black and TC Gold are pigments that impart superior coverage and colour intensity. Slightly rosy with hints of golden highlights, an elegantly pressed powder for cheeks is comprised of Fiesta Frosted Carmine and Fiesta Sharp Gold, while lips take on an even darker shade with Majestic Velvet Merlot. Nail trends will mimic broken crystals in natural greens, blue and violets. Blending our Glass based larger sized pigments with smaller pearls creates depth and dimension.


'Tis the season of feeling classic with a bold and edgy flair. Accessorise this makeup story with embellishments of gold. Facial makeup will mimic techniques used in theatre artistry, bringing forth new imagination. Our Illumina Coral paired with Fiesta Sharp Gold and Majestic Velvet Blueberry paired with Fiesta Sharp Blue are two combinations perfect for highlighting cheek bones, delivering a mysterious effect. To create the look of soft iridescent nails, we used our newly launched lineup of Fiesta Golden, Red and Violet Rouge. Diamond Silk Red Gold, Violet and Gold create a more textured look to shimmer in the night. Fiesta Velvet Cabernet is an intense burgundy pigment perfect for matte or glossy lip formulations.


Wintery metallic and prismatic glazes produce the perfect work of art that will be seen, not touched. These halos of colours reflect light, shimmer and sparkle at first glance. SD Soft Violet with GlassMira RVB88 enable lips to become whimsical in a white lipstick with soft touches of interference pearl. Formulated lip topcoats allow the SynMira Sleek Series to transcend onto dark lip shades to visualise colour movement, while matching eye looks utilise SD Soft White and GlassMira RVB86 or VBG87A. For Body and Nails, it's all about layering to wash out, cover up or top off. Fantasies come alive with out Sachet Splendid Kaleidoscope, Sachet Glittering Blue and Fiesta Maxima White in a shimmer body powder. A new nail trend emerges, utilising a spray method to customise dazzling topcoats. Iridescence is key and one will appear bare without it.


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