Sandream Impact's Glamour & Glitz

Everybody needs a little glamour during the holidays. Add some extra sparkle to your face using a multicoloured powder and highlighter which incorporates some of our most dazzling pearls. Glamour Spark White, Glamour Gold Chrome and Glamour Duo R/Y are the glass pearls which give a brilliant shimmer effect in this formula. Fiesta Sparkle Gold and Sachet Sparkling Light Gold are included to enhance a festive golden glow.

High gloss lips are the focus this month; featuring our new line of hydrogenated polydecenes: ClearSyn. Available in a wide range of viscosities, these polyalphaolefins are clear, pure and exceptionally effective across a broad range of formulations. We have utilised ClearSyn 150 and 300 in our high shine lipgloss along with glistening pearls Glamour Classic R/V, Glamour Flash Silver and Mystic Fuchsia, as well as our pigment dispersions to create the most dramatic lips.

Shades of Black, Turquoise and Gold sparkle effects are applied to the nail with our larger sized pigments Sachet Super Gold, Sachet Splendid Gold, Sachet Maximum Interference Gold and Sachet Splendid Kaleidoscope. These paired with smaller interference pigment, Diamond Variable YC24, make nails glitter with envy.

Contact Wilfrid Smith today for further details or to request samples.

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