Sandream Impact's New Soft Focus Powders

Achieve a clean slate prior to makeup application with out Soft Focus line of pearls. Incorporate these mica based, multilayered interference pearls into pressed powders, loose powders, concealers, foundations or face primers, which are featured here. White, interference gold, red, violet, blue and green may be utilised alone or in combination to enhance a hue or provide colour correction capabilities.

SD Soft Green and SD Soft Violet have been employed, along with some of our unique silicones (Sansil 600, Sansil 260 and SF-30) to produce an elegant and powdery face primer. One can attain a smooth surface by filling in file lines and wrinkles with theis system. The mica core provides creaminess and transparency while the TiO2 layers provide light diffusing characteristics, hiding common skin issues.

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